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Who We Are

P & S Evolutions, LLC

P & S Evolutions, LLC was established in 2004 to effect positive change by utilizing a multilevel approach inclusive of high caliber clinical and forensic psychological services to court-involved children, families and adults.  We also support systems that court involved individuals navigate (e.g., courts, law firms, legal entities, corrections, social services, community based organizations) through psycho-legal consultation, professional development trainings, and organization change management services. 

P & S Evolutions, LLC aims to ensure services are affordable with sliding scale options for individuals receiving clinical and forensic services. Not-for-profit organizations and government entities are also eligible for discounts.  

About the Founder

Dr. Darlene Perry is a clinical and forensic psychologist with over 25 years of experience in forensic mental health.   She has worked in community-based settings and oversaw a community forensic mental health center for over 10 years.  As a psychologist, she has interfaced with or worked in criminal, civil, and family court systems as an evaluator, therapist and in her capacity as an administrator. Dr. Perry was an Associate Professor for over 10 years and currently  lectures at universities and colleges.  She also provides consultation in areas that cover cultural competence, social justice, mental health, and best practices in assessment and treatment of forensic populations and the underserved.


About the Associates

The Associates of P& S Evolutions, LLC are highly qualified criminal justice and mental health professionals with extensive experience with children, families, and adults involved in court systems as well as those who live in marginalized communities. They bring diverse areas of expertise including trauma-informed care, acceptance and commitment with chronic mental illness, family disputes resolution, recidivism reduction, reentry, and restorative justice practices.  The Associates are also seasoned professionals in supporting organizational and system change.  

culturally responsive and evidence-based Services

Clinical and Forensic Services

Forensic Evaluations are conducted and tailored to answer specific psycho-legal questions pertaining to but not limited to delinquency, child custody, parent capacity, termination of parental rights, permanency planning, personal injury, Miranda waiver, fitness/competency to stand trial, recidivism, and mitigation. 

Therapeutic Interventions are provided that are specialized to address complex needs and factors among court involved children, families, and adults such as victimization, delinquency, high conflict family systems, substance abuse, recidivism reduction, and re-entry. Services are also provided to professionals to reduce burnout and/or compassion fatigue.  Therapeutic services include: 

  • Individual Therapy 
  • Couple Therapy  
  • Family Therapy
  • Mediation 
  • Parent Training/Co-Parent Training
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Re-entry Resource Coaching
  • Wellness-Help to the Helper Coaching

Consultation and Facilitation


Psycho-legal Consultation  is offered to mental health professionals and legal entities to better understand the psychological aspects of legal matters. 

Organizational Change Management  provided to individuals and organizations to identify strategic focus, develop effective change strategies, and plans of actions to reach desired outcomes such as launch new programming, increase productivity, improve team cohesion, establish work/life balance, foster diversity and inclusion.   Services encompass consulting, devising activities, facilitating discussions, and offering support to all levels within the system to manage resistance as well as to aid in the transition and adoption of new directions. 

Trainings and Workshops

Professional development trainings are provided to improve knowledge and capacity to work with forensic and vulnerable populations.  Topics are designed upon request to meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations. Trainings and workshops are conducted in small to moderate size groups (not to exceed 25 participants).  

Workshops are comprised of discussions and group interactive exercises in an environment that encourages critical thinking and purposeful dialogue.  The date and location of the workshops are negotiated based on the availability of the organization and Facilitator.   Cost is based on hours of training and the level of follow-up.  Current topics:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training
  • Developing an Effective Supervisory Approach Training
  • Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV) Training
  • The John–Addressing the Demand Side of Prostitution Workshop
  • Code of the Streets (COS) Youth Violence Reduction Workshop

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